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The ZAWAFE Secretariat would like to congratulate you ALL on participating in the first ever hybrid (Virtual and Physical) Zambia Water Forum and Exhibition (ZAWAFE). Furthermore, the ZAWAFE Secretariat wants to thank you for this great achievement and your active involvement in the just ended forum.

Zambia had its first Zambia Water Week (ZWW) commemoration held from 15th to 21st of March 2021. The Zambia Water Week came as a result of a directive by Her Honour the Vice President of Zambia to the Minister of Water Development Sanitation and Environmental Protection (MWDSEP) during the official opening of the 8th ZAWAFE in June 2019, to consider to gazette the second week of June every year as the Zambia Water Week.

Raise Awareness

Raise Awareness

on the inseparable linkages between these critical domains and share suitably integrated approaches to ensuring water and food security, as well as sustainable energy production.
Bring Together

Bring Together

various national and international stakeholders and experts to discuss and share best practices on water management.
Bring To The Fore

Bring To The Fore

water management approaches that are relevant and sustainable to the economic development of the continent and the world at large.

Sanitation remains a challenge to Sub-Saharan Africa and Zambia in particular. According to the Zambia National public health institute, the period October 2017-April 2018 Zambia recorded 5,905 cases and 98 deaths due to the Cholera Outbreak. The CDC in 2015 also reported that countries in Sub Saharan Africa lose 4.3% of their annual GDP (about $194 million dollars per year) due to inadequate sanitation. Most of this revenue is lost as a result of   premature deaths from diarrheal diseases, health care costs and productivity losses due to illness. Unsanitary activities like open defecation, poor solid waste disposal and wastewater disposal continue to be the primary source of infections.

ZAWAFE seeks to bring together various stakeholders to compare challenges, explore solutions from high level policies to the realization of programmes on the ground as well as share perspectives and lessons learnt.

Forum Themes

Access to safe, adequate, affordable drinking water and sanitation for all;
Wastewater treatment and safe reuse-the economic, social and entrepreneurial opportunities;
Green infrastructure and the green economy of water-related ecosystems;
Multi-stakeholder involvement in water and sanitation service delivery, capacity building, development and management;
Climate-resilient strategies for water resources development and management;
Energy and water resources planning for national and local economic development;
Integrated water resources management for national and trans-boundary waters;
Capacity building and skills development for water and sanitation; and
The nexus approach.


Who Should Attend

This Forum and exhibition is open to the general public, more particularly practitioners in Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Sector, Health sector, Local government and housing, experts of the environment ,Climate change experts, academicians and researchers, planning and development practitioners, policy makers, cooperating partners, Non Governmental organizations and civil societies.


ZAWAFE invites institutions and companies in the Water, Sanitation and Public Health sector to exhibit their products and services at this event in order to reach out to the Zambian populace on what they can offer in the sustainable management of water, sanitation and hygiene in Zambia.

Forum Programme

The Forum is scheduled for two days (7th June, 2021) with field trips taking place on the first and third day. The programme will encompass keynote speeches, plenary sessions, parallel breakaway sessions and exhibitions.

The public is welcome to attend a session of their choice or spend time in the exhibition hall. The detailed programme can be downloaded from the here (Downloads).


A nominal registration fee will be charged to all participants and exhibitors. Participants interested in field trips should express their interest during registration. Registration forms can be downloaded from the ZAWAFE website (www.zambiawaterforum.org).

Posible Field Trips

  1. Fecal Sludge management and onsite Sanitation in Kanyama and Chawama
  2. Waste treatment at Manchinchi
  3. Water Management at Victoria Falls
  4. Water Management at Kariba Dam


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