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The overall objective of the forum is to bring together various national and international experts to discuss the impact of sanitation on water security. Within this objective, ZAWAFE also seeks to:

  1. Communicate the importance of water in the health, energy, agriculture, mining and manufacturing, and tourism (recreation) sectors.
  2. Highlight the importance of water, not only being a social good but also an economic driver.
  3. Highlight current challenges such as climate change, floods, infrastructure, water energy food, and environment nexus, capacity building and skills needed in water and sanitation
  4. Raise awareness for Investments to meet SDG targets and Vision 2030 through the Zambia Water Investment Programme 2022-2030.
  5. Create a learning platform where a number of challenges and solutions are discussed
  6. Encourage stakeholder participation through bottom-up approach.
  7. Raise awareness on the importance of water, sanitation and good hygiene practices. 


  164 Mulombwa close, Fairview, Lusaka - Zambia   +260-211-226-941